Low Light LPVO 1-5x24 Rifle Scope w/ Dot Reticle 30mm Weaver Ring

Low Light LPVO 1-5x24 Rifle Scope w/ Dot Reticle 30mm Weaver Ring
Item# 1-5X24HG

Product Description

Low Light LPVO 1-5x24 Rifle Scope w/ Dot Reticle 30mm Weaver Ring
Hammers 1-5X24HG is a low profile, light weight LPVO rifle scope built for the purpose of quick action use or use under low light conditions where good resolution is needed. It has a strong glass etched reticle which has a center dot that can be illuminated in in red. Illumination intensity has 11 levels of adjustment. 4inch eye relief, lightweight, short in length and variable low magnification make it perfect for use on bolt action or lever action rifles and rifles with flat top receivers. The scope gives the advantage of both quick action 1x red dot sighting and magnified distance sighting as well using different magnification setup. A throw speed lever can is installed on magnification power ring for quick magnification change without breaking cheek weld and removing your eye off the target. Large finger adjustable turret screws. This is an ideal scope of super-wide field of view, great resolution and long eye relief for close range rapid-fire and precision shooting out to 200 yards and beyond. Also great for varmint and feral hog hunting use in area with dense bushes and trees. If you are looking for quick and reliable shooting accuracy, this is a great little scope. Complete and ready for use with a set of scope rings for weaver base and picatinny rail.


Reticle: Glass etched 8MOA center dot at 1x illuminated in Red

*Reticle is visible and shows lines in black when illumination is turned off

Magnification: Variable from 1x to 5x

Effective Objective Diameter: 24mm

Exit Pupil (mm): 24@1x; 4.8@5x

Eye Relief: 4.5inch - 3.75inch

FOV : 73.3-19.9feet at 100yards

Tube Diameter: Standard 30mm

Objective O.D. (mm/in): 30mm

Eyepiece O.D. (mm/in): 42mm

Length (in): 10 1/4"

Weight: 15oz.

Adjustment Graduation (1 click): 1/2 MOA

Parallax setting: Parallax free at 100yards

Package Contents:

1-5x24HG scope with lens cover

A set of 30mm scope rings for weaver or Picatinny base