A full-size shooting bipod with telescopic legs. 68inch max. height.

Hammers Shooting Bipd with Pivot V Yoke
Hammers Shooting Bipd with Pivot V Yoke
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Product Description

Lightweight aluminum alloy legs have 3 telescopic sections with twist locks

V yoke mounted on top pivots freely and provides a steady platform for shooting in a standing, off-hand position

Height adjustable from 25" to 68Ħħ, it works just as well from sitting, or kneeling positions

EVA foam grips on the legs

Wear-resistant carbide tip is mounted at the end of each leg and give better grip on rock hard surfaces. A rubber end cap covers the tip

Vecro strap tie down

Folded length: 32inch

Weight: 27oz.

Color: Black

Nylon carrying pouch with should strap is included with the bipod